Stove Repairs and Refurbishment


Spray paint

(Flat Black)

(Satin Black)

(Gloss Black)


Slate Oil

I Supply 2 sizes, small or large, bottles of Slate Oil

This brings out the darker Natural Life and Coulor of your slate Hearth, taking away the old grey / blue colour.

  Stove & Grate polish

Well worth buying a tube and touching it up for when people come visit.

Flue Free Cleaner 

Perfect to remove the sticky tar that a brush cannot.

Best time to use?

After the sweeping has just Been done.

New Glass

if your Glass has cracked or just worn

I can easily get one sent to your home

if you need a fitting service! No problem ✅

The best thing to do is ! call me and arrange to get the chimney swept and tell me what stove you have and I can order a replacement so when I come along the glass is there. I can also pop your new glass for a small fee.

—————————————————–Fire Bricks 

Supplied and fitted & cut on site


New Fire Rope

Tape and Glue + fitting Service

————————————————–  CCTV inspections

Checking the integrity of your chimney or liner

blockages and

stubborn birds nests

  • The Chimney Sweep, technical equipment ———————————————–
  • Cowls
  • Stainless steel Cowls
  • Alloy cowls
    venting caps (disused chimneys)
    fitting to Cottage & bungalows only! 
  • The Chimney Sweep, pots

——————————————————-Chimney Pots
Supplying and Fitting & Re-Flawnching (cementing) the top of the chimney stack and around the chimney pot so water can run of.

  • The Chimney Sweep, pots